If your organization is experiencing a loss of productivity, increase absenteeism, or overly stressed workforce and you want to make a difference in your employees’ health, hosting a customized Health and Wellness program will help inspire positive lifestyle choice. This makes your employees to focus on key health behaviors such as increasing physical activity, improving eating habits and reducing stress.

Corporate Nutrition Program is designed to effectively educate and empower employees to make and maintain sustainable, healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors. This enables them to succeed both professionally and personally due to increased energy, productivity, resilience and overall health and well being. We offer private nutrition consultations for your employees. It includes a pre-consult questionnaire followed by tailored nutrition advice, goal setting and meal plans after which follow ups are provided for a given duration.


We all know that what we eat has a big impact on our weight, our sense of well being and even our risk factors for certain illnesses – but did you know that the foods we eat also have an effect on our work performance?

When you eat well, your body processes the nutrients and maximizes your brain power and mental performance – on top of that, your concentration, alertness, problem-solving skills and productivity are all improved.

Taking action to create a healthier workplace builds a foundation for success,reducing costs associated with sickness and improving company performance.